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Do you plan to train your team? Here are 4 keys to keep in mind

We reach 2020 and many companies still refuse to invest in the training of their employees. Some for fear others for lack of vision. What is your reason?

Master in Operation management training

Although we begin a new year, some companies continue to invest very little of the annual budget for the training of their staff. However, it is more than proven that for a company to last successfully from generation to generation it is important that it offers its members constant training.

“All the successful people I know are lifelong learners… looking for new skills, ideas and inventions. If they are not learning, they are not growing … they are not moving towards excellence. ” – Dennis Waitley.

Faced with this indisputable reality, the leader of each area must ensure that his team receives the necessary training not only in academic but also human aspects.

No matter how long you have been working in the company, the training is not a prize, but a necessity so that the objective set in the area can be carried out. We strongly reccomend you our master in operation management.

Points to consider

However, before deciding on what your team members should be trained, we recommend you take these points into account:

  1.  Identify the needs of your area: While instinctively you will figure out what they need, it is important that you evaluate the current state of your team and analyze, based on the requirements of the company, what they should be trained on.Conduct surveys, analyze monthly results and interact with other areas to discover your needs. A SWOT analysis will be a good tool to evaluate the current state of your area.
  2. Pay attention to the goals of your team: Almost hand in hand with the previous point, it is essential that when thinking about investing in training, we take into account the personal and professional goals of each particular member because if we force them to attend courses or take classes in skills that they do not wish to develop, they will end up doing their job poorly. Dialogue with your team, encourage them and offer them growth in those areas that they really crave.
  3. Set objectives and rank: When you have clarity in your objectives, you will discover the real reason why you train your team, and you can rank which aspects are more urgent and which can wait a while.You cannot invest in training for all your members at the same time, so make a clear strategy that includes costs, time, and how the results of each investment will be measured.
  4. Prepare a formal proposal: Once you have made clear the previous points, define who will be the people who will be trained, what topics you want to tackle, which institution is best to conduct the training, and what the investment budget will be in time and money.

Do not forget that the final report should not only be presented to Senior Management, but also be communicated in detail to each member of your team so that they know the interest in their needs and also to avoid possible misunderstandings.

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The best gift for an employee is that the company decides to invest in them. This will generate a sense of belonging, loyalty, and trust, and will decrease staff turnover.

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