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Master of Science in Marketing and Sales Management

The Master in Marketing and Sales will expose students to current practices that are being used within the field of marketing and how they are successfully applied towards social media business practices.

The Master Sales Management includes the core courses of Business Management and Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility and the intensive courses specific to the focus on Traditional and Digital Marketing and the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy.



Language Spanish Only

Admission Requirements for Master in Marketing and Sales:

1. A Baccalaureate Degree (4-year undergraduate degree) or its equivalent
2. Transcripts from all previously attended educational institutions. (All transcripts from foreign institutions must be certified by a third party NACES certified agency.)
3. Submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).
4. Submit two letters of recommendation from persons with whom the applicant has maintained a business / employment relationship.

ADEN University reserves the right to deny admissions to Masters degree in Sales Management to any applicant based on their overall application. An interview with the Dean or designee to assess a student’s suitability for the program and online environment may be conducted. The interview will be completed under the guidance of the Dean and a student may receive further guidance if deemed unsuited for the program at the time of the application.

*note: All the official documents on points 1 and 2, should be translated to English by an official translator in the country of origin with the corresponding stamps.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Develop and model digital engagement strategies, aimed at different segments
  2. Implement marketing and sales strategies to achieve predetermined business objectives
  3. Evaluate marketing techniques to apply to business cases.
  4. Propose and develop an integrated marketing and sales strategy for dynamic and competitive environments

Course Descriptions

Strategic Marketing Management

Main theories on marketing management and motivation for the creation of high-performance marketing and sales strategy. Marketing targets, teams, planning, tools, compensation criteria, communications within marketing and sales teams.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Marketing Research and Forecasting

This course provides students an understanding of marketing information needs. Research objectives, design, interpretation of data, and analysis of research. Students learn to apply research concepts through experiential development projects.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Offline Marketing

This course provides an analysis and evaluation of strategic advertising and distribution decisions. Students analyze the connections between advertising and promotion, and effective strategy implementation for offline or traditional marketing campaigns.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Digital Marketing: Presence

This course covers marketing techniques to draw potential and existing customers to the company’s online presence through understanding of the components of virtual store front, landing pages, and the corporate digital environment. Includes tools such as Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, and Referral links.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Digital Marketing: Campaigns

This course explores the variety of outreach tools in digital marketing including email marketing, social media, video marketing, mobile and integrated digital marketing experience.

3 credits

Prerequisite: Digital Marketing: Presence

Marketing and Sales Strategy

This course reviews the importance of collaboration and alignment of marketing and sales strategy and plans. Analyzes commercial relationship of marketing and sales teams, targets, analysis of results, and optimization of high-value channels. Outsourcing strategies in marketing and sales.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Innovation and Consumers

The course includes an introduction to innovative trends in Marketing and Consumer-driven Innovation. New trends in brand management and corporate communications. Innovative tactics in Neuro-marketing, Social Marketing. Experiential Marketing, Relational Marketing, Value proposition. Consumer Experience and Feedback.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Product and Business Development Strategy

This course connects the dots between product and business development relying on marketing and sales strategies. Explore case studies companies that have successfully integrating customer-feedback to product development and marketing through new technologies. Responsiveness to customer experience feedback.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

This course brings together the pieces of a comprehensive marketing strategy from development of a multi-platform, on- and offline marketing and sales strategy to feedback and public relations in the face of crisis. It reviews the importance of aligning online and offline marketing with overall organizational strategy and long and short-term enterprise goals.

3 credits

Prerequisite: Marketing and Sales Strategy

Digital Transformation

From analog to digital, the transformation from a traditional company to a digital company, and its impact on the business. New trends, models and the development of a digital revolution within an organization that promotes change and focuses on the client. 

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Business Simulation

The objective is to deepen the understanding and knowledge of the complexity of business operations in a dynamic and competitive environment. The game pushes the teams to compete and make decisions in an ever-changing environment. The participants develop and execute strategies for their simulated business.

3 credits

Prerequisite: None

Final Project

The students will work with the professor to develop a business project where they will apply the theory learned during the Master’s program in a specific case of a business, it can either be a project within a specific area in an already working business or the development of a new business.

3 credits

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all other MS in Marketing and Sales Management Degree courses and Departmental approval.


Program Tuition / Cost Per Credit Hour (Credit hour costs do not include fees.)
Please refer to the catalog for further information.

$9,700.00 / $269.44 per credit
MSC – All other Master’s Degree programs (36 credits)



Tuition $9,700.00
Registration Fee $100 .00
Graduation Fee $100 .00
TOTAL $9,900 .00

1 payment Payment Amount

3 payments Payment Amount

6 payments Payment Amount

12 payments Payment Amount

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